Early Prygun Leaders Criticized Subbotniki,
original Molokane and the Russian Orthodox Church

Two Passages from the Book of the Sun, Spirit and Life

Updated: October 5, 2016.

Between 1915-1928, Spiritual Christian immigrants from Russia in Los Angeles compiled, interpreted, edited, published (in Russian) and republished a progressive series of 5-7 versions of a project eventually titled Книга солнце, дух и жизнь (Kniga solntse, dukh i zhizn' : Book of the Sun, Spirit and Life) (Dukh i zhizn') a selection of writings by 5-6 spiritual leaders, memorialized as prophets.

About 60% of the text was derived from one Spiritual Christian Prygun separatist leader/ presbyter/ prophet/ martyr Maksim Gavrilovich Rudomyotkin [Рудомёткин], between 1858-1877, who was imprisoned in two monasteries Solovki, then Suzdal where he died. His followers separated from Pryguny by abandoning half of their religious holidays and following Rudomyotkin "new ritual", a new liturgy. Collections of preferred prayers and songs were separately published.

The 1928 Russian edition of the Kniga solntse, dukh i zhizn' was placed on the altar tables in all American Prygun prayer/meeting houses (assemblies) [sobraniia, molitvennye doma] which identifies these congregations as Dukh-i-zhizniki, because their holy book Dukh i zhizn'  in short is essential. A few of the immigrants who converted to the new Dukh-i-zhiznik faiths were originally Molokane or Subbotniki. The Dukh i zhizn' was not placed on the table of the single Subbotnik congregation in Los Angeles, or used by them, nor on the table of the Prygun or Molokan congregations in San Francisco.

The complete passages in-context below from the Russian edition and two English translations show that Dukh-i-zhizniki are instructed to reject most tenets of the Orthodox Church, and condemn the "hypocrisy" of the Subbotniki and the "wayward / delusional" postoyannye (original Constant) Molokane.

The sin of the Subbotniki, mentioned 5 times in the Dukh i zhizn', is their meeting on Saturday instead of Sunday. The sins of the Molokane, mentioned once, appears to be their celebration of non-Biblical (non-Old Testament, non-Jewish) holidays, and not singing specific Psalms. Subbotniki and Molokane are urged to re-join Rudomyotkin's "chosen people of God".

Rudomyotkin's text was written while he was a scribe in a monastery reform-school prison where he got a formal education about Orthodox religion to convert him to the true faith and save his soul. He lived in a dormitory with heretic leaders of other sects who could privately share their dissent with classmates. Throughout the country, the persecutions and resettlement of the sectarians provided contact among dissenting and immigrant faiths and sharing of doctrine, from this the Pryguny accumulated new songs, prayers and ideas.

It is ironic that in the 1790's the main leader of the Molokane, Semion M. Uklein, reached a compromise of dogma with Matvei S. Dalmatov, a leader of the Saratov Subbotniki, in order to persuade Dolmatov's Subbotniki to join the Molokane. From this union the Molokane modified the basic tenets of their faith which persist today including a prohibition on the consumption of pork and scale-less fish, and the adoption of Old Testament holidays, which Rudomyotkin later embraced as a tenet of his new religion. This indicates a complete separation by Dukh-i-zhizniki from Molokane, Subbotniki, and the hybrid Pryguny. Also Dolmatov's son appears to be a co-founder and martyr of the Maksimisty, now converted to Dukh-i-zhizniki (See Miliukov).

Two Passages from the Book of the Sun: Spirit and Life

Published Russian
Translation  2
Translation  1
Самарин, П. И. из. Книга Солнце: Дух и Жизнь, 1928.
Pivovarov, T.M. tr. Translations from the Book Spirit and Life, Portions of Morning Star and copies of original Manuscript of M.G. Rudometkin. 1976. Volkoff, J.W. tr. Shubin D.H. ed. Book of the Sun: Spirit and Life, 1983 and 2005.
[Translation in 1960s, modified afterward.]
1. Давида Ессеевича,
Повест 78 (стр. 157)
1. David Yesseyivitch, (Feodor Ossipovich Bulgakoff), Article [Story] 78 (page 125) 1. David Esseevich, (Feoder O)
Article [Story] 78 (page 157)
18. Возлюбленные братья и сёстры! Прилежно вразумляясь, неколебайтесь и не смущайтесь более всего субботнинским развратом и прочими разными учениями;
18. Precious brothers and sisters! Diligently understand! Do not waver nor be confused even more so by the Sabbatarian [subbotnik] corruption and other different teachings. 18. Beloved brothers and sisters! Think diligently, stand steadfast and, above all, do not confuse yourselves with the corruptions [debauchery] of the Sabbatarians [subbotniki] and other various teachings [doctrines]. [;]
19. Держитесь на открытой Богом предкам нашим истине и в том пребывайте твердо и непоколебимо, а Господь не оставить нас в сем и будущем веке.
19. Remain steadfast in what  was revealed by God to our forefathers the truth and in that remain solid and not weak, and the Lord will not forsake us in this age nor in the coming one. 19. Hold fast to the truth opened by God to our ancestors and abide therein firmly and steadfastly, and the Lord will not forsake us in this age or in the one to come.
2. М. Г. Рудомёткин,
Четвертая книжка, Повест 6 (стр. 277-279)
2. M. G. Rudomyotkin
Pages 235-237
2. M. G. Rudomyotkin
Book 4, Article [Story] 6, Page 277-279
Сие писмо посылается от пленника из Вавилона в новой Инрусалим, членам горы Сиона и всему моему братству живущему со мною вдрагоценной дружской любви Духовнаго союза.
1. THIS letter is being sent from the prisoner in Babylon to New Jerusalem, members of Mount Zion, and to all my brethren, prevailing with me in precious, amiable love of Spiritual unity. THIS letter is being sent by a prisoner, from Babylon to the new Jerusalem, to the members of Mount Zion and all my brotherhood living with me in the precious, amiable love of the spiritual union. [Jer 29:1]
2. Прошу я тебя друг мой сим моим письмом, засвидетельствовать моё откровение по всем градам где царствует Дух Божей и Закон свободы.
2. I call upon you, my friend, with this letter of mine, to attest my revelation in all the cities where reigns the Spirit of God and the law of contentment, 2. I ask that you, my friend, bear witness with this letter of mine to my revelation throughout all the cities where the Spirit of God and the Law of freedom reign,
3. Всем моим братцам и сёстрицам живущим по всему Закавказу.
3. To all my brothers and sisters living in all places beyond the Caucasus! 3. To all my brothers and sisters living throughout all the Transcaucasus.
4. О, дабы не взыскал с меня Господь невинной крови вашей, заблужденной в мрачном ученеи седьмиглаваго вселенскаго собора то есть во внешних святцах и разных книгах ихняго учения.
4. Oh, may the Lord not take me to account for the innocent blood which became lost because of the dark belief of your seven-headed ecumenical council; in their superficial church calendars and their various doctrinal texts, [1 John 2:27] 4. O, that the Lord would not require of me your innocent blood [Eze 3:17-18], lost in the dark teaching of the seven-headed ecumenical council, that is, in the superficial calendars and in the various books of their teaching, [In the Orthodox calendar, each day was dedicated to a saint. They also have 12 major holidays and about 120 minor ones, plus several fasts every year about 200 fasting days a year.]
5. Которым они помешали необесную планету: переменили дни и праздники Божия данные Моисею на горе Синаи. А вместо них поставили свои праздники в четвёртом столетии от рожества Христова на вселенском зверском соборе.
5. With which they hindered the heavenly planets: changing the days of God; holidays given to Moses on Mount Sinai, and in their place, instituting their own holidays in the fourth century after the birth of Christ, during their ecumenical, beastly council.
[First Ecumenical Council: Nicaea I, 325, calculation of the date of Easter different than OT Jewish Passover.]
5. With which they have confused the heavenly planet: they altered the days and holidays of God given to Moses on Mount Sinai. [Lev 23, Dan 7:25] And in their place they established their own holidays during the fourth century after the birth of Christ, at the ecumenical council of the beast. [The Council of Nicea, 325 A.D.] [First Ecumenical Council: Nicaea I, 325, calculation of the date of Easter different than OT Jewish Passover.]
6. Прошу я вас всех вкупе братьев и сестёр моих, не принимайте ни одной строчки ихняго учения кроме Библеи и святаго Апокалипсиса.
6. I bid all my brothers and sisters jointly! Do not accept a single line of their principles, with the exception of the Bible and the Holy Apocalypse. 6. I beseech you, all of my brothers and sisters, do not accept even one line of their teaching, except for the Bible and the Holy Apocalypse. [i.e., the Book of Revelations.]
7. Ещё братья мои напоминаю вам своё откровение о многих Евреях то есть лицёмерных субботников, ныне действующих в соймище сатаны против Духа Господа нашего Иисуса Христа вечнаго Мессия, царя Израильскаго а не языческаго.
7. Beyond that, my brethren, I remind you of my revelation in respect to the multitude of Hebrews, that is, the hypocritical Sabbatarians, whom in these existing times are active in the assembly of Satan; opposing the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal Messiah the King of the Israelites and not of the Gentiles. 7. And again I remind you, my brethren, of my own revelation concerning many Hebrews, that is, the hypocritical Sabbatarians[Subotniki. DY 78:18] who today act in the assembly of Satan against the Spirit of the Lord our Jesus Christ the eternal Messiah; the Israelite King, and not the gentile.
8. Это было мне откровение во сне ночию, что Господь услышал молитву мою, освободил меня от заточения Соловецкаго  Острова и паслал к вам возвестить о Законе Бога Живаго и Заповедях Его, данных Моисею на горе Синаи из среды огня, для соблюдения всему Израилю,
8. This was manifested to me in the sleep of the night; that the Lord had paid heed to my prayer and freed me from imprisonment on Solovetsky Island, and had sent me to proclaim the law of the living God and His commandments those given to Moses upon Mount Sinai in the midst of fire, to be maintained by all of Israel. [Ex. 34:28, 29] 8. This revelation came to me at night in a dream, that the Lord heard my prayer and freed me from confinement on Solovetski Island, and sent me to proclaim to you the law of the living God and His Commandments given to Moses upon Mount Sinai in the midst of fire, for the observance of it by all Israel.
9. И положил знамение святую субботу и праздники о которых говорил Моисею в 3 Книге: субботы Мои сохраняйте, есть бо хнамение вам во все роды ваши.
9. He instilled as a sign, the holy Sabbath and holidays, of which Moses heralded in the Third Book: "Keep My Sabbath, for it is a sign unto ye for all your generations." [Ex. 31:13] 9. And He placed as a sign the holy Sabbath and the holidays of which Moses spoke in the 3rd book, "You shall keep My Sabbaths, for it is a sign to you throughout all your generations." [Lev 23:1-3]
10. Но не те праздники, которые ныне по ложному уставу гордаго зверя и змея и из лжепророка; который действовал пред ними духом бездны в ложных чудесах и знамениях в 4-м столетии на вселенском седьмиглавом соборе, его дьявольсуим ухищрением зверскаго поступка.
10. However, not these present day holidays that are of the false statutes of the presumptuous beast and serpent with their false prophet; who was active in their presence with the Spirit of the underworld, with deceiving miracles and phenomena in the fourth century of the universal, seven- headed council, in their diabolical, contriving conduct.
10. Do not [keep] those holidays which today follow the false-statute of the proud beast and serpent and their false-prophet. He acted in their presence at the ecumenical, seven- headed council in the fourth century in the spirit of the abyss, with false miracles and signs using his diabolic devices, the action of the beast.
11. От котораго разделился народ на 666 номеров то есть обрядных вер пестраго зверя; какой вышел из моря значитб из мрачнаго мира духов бездны своего вольнодумия.
11. From that, the masses separated into the numbered 666, that being the ritualistic beliefs of the spotted beast the one that emerged from the ocean, and hence from the spirit of the obscure world's precipice and their own latitudinarianism. 11. This later divided the people into 666 parts, that is, the ritualistic faiths of the spotted beast which ascended from the sea, signifying, from the darkened world of the spirits of the abyss, their own free- thinking. [Rev 13:1]
12. А нам только братья, надо присоеденится ныне к числу сонма запечатленных 12 колен Израилевых, которые соблюдают Заповеди Божия и веру Иисусову то есть идут по Писанию Ветхаго и Новаго Завета.
12. However, as to us brethren, it is a must for us to be attached to the assembly of the sealed, numbered twelve tribes of Israel, whom keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, meaning, those of whom that traverse by the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. 12. But we brethren, need presently only to join the number of the assembly of the sealed 12 tribes of Israel, who observe the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus, that is, those who follow the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. [Rev 14:12]
13. Прошу я вас мнимве Иудеи вероломные субботнинки: признайте вы с нами вместе Имя Господа нашего Иисуса Христа вечнаго Мессия, царя Израильскаго а не языческаго.
13. I approach you self-styled Jews, you violators of the faith Sabbatarians! [subbotniki] Acknowledge together with us the name of our Lord Jesus Christ as the eternal Messiah, the King of the Israelites and not of the Gentiles! 13. I ask you imaginary Jews and treacherous Sabbatarians,[subbotniki], accept together with us the name of our Lord Jesus Christ as the eternal Messiah, the Israelite King and not the gentile.
14. Очувствуйтесь мнимые Иудеи субботники в соймище сатаны, держащиеся столько времени духом гордости.
14. See your error, you so-called Jewish Sabbatarians [subbotniki] of the horde of Satan, sustained for such a long time by the spirit of pride! 14. Come to your senses you imaginary Jews, Sabbatarians [subbotniki] in the assembly of satan, held all this while by the spirit of pride.
15. Прошу вас, покоритесб сонму новаго Израиля избраннаго народа Божия, который стоит с Агнцем на горе Сионе, и все они новыми песнями хвалют Господа.
15. I prevail upon you! Humble yourselves to the assembly of New Israel, the selected people of God, who stand together with the Lamb on Mount Zion, with all of them praising the Lord in new songs. 15. I ask of you, submit yourselves to the assembly of the new Israel, the chosen people of God who stand upon Mount Zion with the Lamb, all praising the Lord with new songs. [Rev 14:1-3]
16. Также и вы заблудшие наши молоканы (постояные) под номерами числа пестраго зверя. Очиститесь от убоморения вашего, помажьте калурием Божьем очи ваши, свергните с себя число имя звыриное, бросьте сию науку седьмиглаваго вселенскаго собора.
16. As well to, you wayward Molokans of ours (Postoyannye), who are of the numerical number of the striped beast. Remove yourselves from your lulling sleep, rub your eyes with the palm-oil of God, cast off of yourself the numbered name of the beast and forsake the teachings of the seven- headed ecumenical council. 16. And you also, our delusional Molokans [postoyanne (Ed, 1928)] under the number of the spotted beast, cleanse yourselves of your deep sleep, anoint your eyes with the eye-salve of God, cast off yourselves the number of the name of the beast, throw away this science of the seven- headed ecumenical council,
17. А поставте со мною ноги ваши на стеклянае море значить на святое Писание Ветхаго и Новаго Завета.
17. Instead, place yourselves with me, with your feet upon the mirrored sea meaning the sacred Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. 17. And place your feet with me upon the sea of glass, which is the Holy Scriptures of the Old and the New Testaments. [Rev 15:2-3]
18. Возьмите гусли Божия и воспойте со мною песнь Моисея раба Божия и песнь Агнча. Тогда и вы совокупитесь с сонмом избраннаго наорда Ьожия, который венчается с Агнцем на горе Сионе.
18. Grasp the psaltery of God and sing with me the song of Moses, a servant of God, and the song of the Lamb. Then you will be in coalition with the assembly of God's people of elect, who are wedded with the Lamb on Mount Zion. [Rev. 15:3] 18. Take the harps of God and sing with me the song of Moses the slave of God, and the song of the Lamb. Then you will be united with the assembly of the chosen people of God who are wed with the Lamb on Mount Zion! [Rev 14:1]
19. И тогда ьудеть между вами и субботниками одно стадо и один Пастырь всем. Аминь, Аллилуия.
19. Then, in-between your midst and the Sabbatarian's [subbotniki] there will be one flock and One Shepherd for all. Amen, Halleluiah! 19. Then there will be one flock between you and the Sabbatarians [subbotniki], and one Shepherd for all. Amen, Alleluia.
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