In 1971 Subbotniki Dissolve, Gift $800 to UMCA

Left to right: Andy Valov, Harry J. Shubin, Paul Zolnekoff, Alex Tolmas, 
Morris Shisckoff, Esia Andrews, William J. Tolmas, Mike Urkoff, Morris Haproff.
See color picture with different pose.

A Gift of Love and Remembrance

by Alex Tolmas, Vice President [UMCA, 1971]

On March 8, 1971, the Trustees of the Congregation of Sabbotnicks [Sabattarians, Russian: Subbotniki] visited the UMCA [United Molokan Christian Association] and attended the Board of Directors meeting. They were Mr. Esie A. Andrews, Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. Mike Urkoff and Mr. Morris Shiscoff. The Purpose of their visit was to inform the Molokan community that the congregation of Sabbotnicks was to be dissolved as of March 14, 1971 and to present to the UMCA the remains of their treasury [$800].

The Sabbotnick gathered for their last meeting on March 12, 1971 at 611 South Breed Street in Los Angeles. They have been meeting here since the Los Angeles City Department of Parks and Playgrounds bought their building near the corner of First and Gless Streets in the "Flats" [the original Molokan neighborhood in LA]. The site is now occupied by the swimming pool in the Pecan Play Ground.

Mr. Andrews said, "Our people, the Sabbotnicks and the Molokan people, have lived together in friendship in the villages of Russia and there has been some marriages between our two groups, creating strong ties between our two groups. When the Molokans migrated to the United States, so did the Sabbotnick, and they continued to live together in friendship. The Children grew up and went to the same schools, playgrounds and some even married."

"However," continued Mr. Andrew, "our group, due to deaths, has dwindled down to 12 active members and so with sad hearts we have decided to formally dissolve our congregation and to make a donation to the UMCA of Los Angeles, the remains of our treasury. We, as the trustees, want to thank ALL THE MOLOKANS everywhere for their friendship and love. We will always remember the time the Molokans came to us in our times of sorrow and sang for our loved ones. We know that we will never be able to to repay them but thru this token gift to the UMCA we wish to let the Molokan people know that we, the congregation of Sabbotnicks, will forever be grateful in our hearts."

The gift, eight hundred dollars, was accepted by the Board of Directors, on behalf of the UMCA and as representatives of the Molokan community. Heartfelt appreciation was expressed to them and may God be with them Always.
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